Articles & Essays


The Living Church, "Holy Suffering Meets Expressionism'" by Dennis Raverty, July 17, 2011.

Catholic New York, "Spiritual Truths: Paintings, sculpture capture 'Birthrights'" by Katherine Kennedy, May 29, 1986.

New Catholic World, "Relating My Works and Beliefs to Community" by Charlotte Lichtblau.

New Haven Register, 1969, 1970, 1972.

Today's Art, "Murals are illustrations" by Charlotte Lichtblau, Feb 1, 1975.

Durham Morning Herald, "Birthrights, Blood Rites" by Jim Wise, March 7, 1986.

Journal of the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art & Architecture, "A Re-assertion of the Spiritual" by Terrence E. Dempsey, S.J, Spring 1987.

Essays in English

I. Vienna–Altaussee–New York: Painter Charlotte Lichtblau (PDF) — by Albert Lichtblau, 2002

II. Interview with Charlotte Lichtblau (PDF) — by Albert Lichtblau, 2000

III. Through a Glass Darkly (PDF) — by Barbara Frischmuth, 2002

IV. The Courage To See (PDF) — by Bruce Payne, 2002

V. Incarnate; Lent in Advent — by Patrick J. Ryan, SJ, 2008

VI. The Critic (PDF) — by Terry Dempsey, 1988

Glossary of Terms from Essays (PDF)

Essays in Deutsch

I. Ursprung und Transformation - Interview mit Charlotte Lichtblau (PDF) — Albert Lichtblau, 2000

II. Der Mittelpunkt der Welt (PDF) — Albert Lichtblau

III. Zwischen Wien, Altaussee und New York; Eine Exilkunstlerin (PDF) — Albert Lichtblau, 2002

IV. Durch ein dunkles Glas (PDF) — Barbara Frischmuth, 2002

V. Der Mut zu Sehen (PDF) — Bruce Payne, 2002

Glossar - Lichtblau Endfassung Deutsch (PDF)